Neighborhood Orientation

Boston Neighborhood Relocation Orientation

Greater Boston and Surrounding Suburbs Neighborhood Orientation.

Does your new employee want to learn more about the Greater Boston area? Are you trying to show them how amazing Boston MA is and all that it has to offer your new prospective employee?

Boston Corporate Relocation offers Neighborhood Orientation services tailored to your company and your client. First, we begin by having a phone conversation with the prospective or new employee to identify their housing and lifestyle needs. Than we set up some apartment and/or real estate showings and a tour of the City. We can structure their time within pre-defined allotments to maximize their experience here in the most effective manner possible.

This service can be a great tie in to a lengthily interview process or to help close the deal on a prospective new employee.  Making sure that you get top notch talent for your team often requires that they feel comfortable with their housing experience and neighborhood schools and amenities.  We want to make sure that  they choose your company over the competition somewhere else in some other city!

Call Boston Corporate Relocation today to learn more about this important tie in service.

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