Amended Value Option and Buyer Value Option

Corporate Relocation Amended and Buyer Value Option

Boston Corporate Relocation will tailor an Amended/Buyer Value Option program to your company and employees needs. This means that both you and your employee will spend less time working on the details of relocating and more time on what’s important to the two of you – getting your employee settled in their new position!

We understand these needs at Boston Corporate Relocation and want to help you develop a program so you can offer these services on a one-by-one basis, or as a general rule in your company’s relocation policy. Let us help you determine what the best, and most cost effective, relocation policy for your organization would look like.

In an Amended Value Option Transaction (AVO) your company or the employee would establish a fair market value for their home through a formal valuation process, usually an appraisal. The concept and intent of this program is to purchase each home for at least market value, at a designated time in the future (delayed closing). After the property is valuated the Company makes an offer to purchase for “at least” that price. Your employee is given a specific period of time to secure a bona fide buyer who will net a better sales price. If a bona fide buyer is found in the allotted time that offer is accepted and the Company amends its offer to the employee to match that price and purchases the home from the employee and resells it to the buyer.

This service is a “safety-net” for most employees. They have a guaranteed offer with the capability of bettering the offer. Typically this offering is used when timing is less critical and employee involvement is more important or you wish to reflect lower home sale direct costs.

An AVO transaction is an extension of a Guaranteed Offer Program. If a bona fide offer is received during the marketing period or prior to the employee’s acceptance of the Guaranteed Offer, the independent offer will be used to “amend” or increase the Guaranteed Offer from your company.

Expert marketing, such as the Marketing of Boston Corporate Relocation, and selling assistance results in the highest employee satisfaction. Only an expert team should handle such sales as without following strict protocols the tax advantages can be lost by both the employee and employer. Call Boston Corporate Relocation today to discuss how we can tailor a program to save you and your relocating employee’s time and money.

A Buyer Value Option Transaction (BVO) is substantially the same as the AVO option except that there is no formal home valuation process. In a BVO transaction your new employee establishes the home’s market value, with our assistance, and locates a bona fide buyer. Once a bona fide buyer is found and such buyer is acceptable to all parties an offer to purchase the property is entered into by the employer for the contract price and is resold to the buyer.

At Boston Corporate Relocation we understand the local market in the Greater Boston Area like no other company and we will walk you and your employee through the many options available to realize the best tax and relocation cost savings.

Property Management

Boston Corporate Relocation will provide reliable and dedicated home management professionals to oversee the employee's home(s) while he/she is on assignment or while he/she is starting their new job. We can take care of everything while your new employee concentrates on what is most important, their new job. Property management adds a lot of benefits to the moving employee such as:

  • Provides employee peace of mind
  • Allows employee to concentrate on current responsibilities
  • Provides continual communication to update employee

Contact Boston Corporate Relocation today to discuss the may options available for you and your employee.

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